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Ironman Mont Tremblant – Part 2

[ed. note: To all of you who are unwillingly here from the Facebook after accidentally clicking my automatically generated posts, I am truly sorry. At some point in the distant past I linked this blog to the Facebooks and now … Continue reading

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I Never Win Anything – Capital City Y Tri – The Recap

The Capital City Y Tri is my local race. The swim is in the pool I workout in, the bike is on roads and trail that I ride on all the time and I have run the trails of the … Continue reading

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Every Great Champion…

Every Great Champion must deal with setbacks and defeat. Yesterday was my turn. Playing Clubber Lang to my Rocky (Matt Serra to my GSP for you young kids) was my “little” brother who bested me at a race for the … Continue reading

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In Which Trash Talk Backfires

[ed. note: In my continuing effort to make blogging more efficient, here is another entry that I tricked someone else into writing for me. This time I answered the riddle of a small trollish woman, and in return she had … Continue reading

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I Told Her to Write it For Me (And She Did)

[ed. note: I was trying to write a post and was stuck, I asked my friend Danielle to write it for me.  And much to my surprise, she did!  So I figured I might as well post it…  The is her writing … Continue reading

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let the Season Begin

This week is the official start of my Triathlon season! 12 weeks until my first big race (which also happens to be my first race). Of course I’m stumbling out of the gate, after a good off season with a … Continue reading

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PR and Much More…

I ran my first 5K in earnest this year to get a baseline for my goal of running sub 20. It was a rousing success! 22:17! (22:14 according to my GPS) A new post-High School PR by over a minute … Continue reading

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