Upcoming Season – An Interlude

[ed. note: We will take a quick pause from our Ironman recap to look at the upcoming season, don’t worry, you’re regularly scheduled show will be back in no time.]

The 2017 season is shaping up to be interesting. I’m coming off a very lackluster 2016, and am eyeing a return to Ironman in 2018, so I want a strong season that I can use to build off of headed into an Ironman year. But I don’t want to over schedule myself and end up burnt out before the big training even starts. But even knowing that, I’ve been training hard on the bike, I’m sick of all my races following this pattern: top third or even quarter in the swim, then on the bike everyone and their brother passes me, then I pick off a couple people on the run. Every. Race.

Well, except for my cyclocross races which go something like…  Start in the middle get instantly ejected out the back, and get lapped by a bunch of people. So that’s not much better. At least they are super fun.

So since sometime in December I have been on the trainer, pretty consistently, in an attempt to get some biking legs on me for this year. Which seems like a good idea, except for the races I have thus far signed up for:

  1. Patriot 70.3 – Hopefully a PR bike for me
  2. Peaks to Portland 2.4 mile swim – Umm no bike here..
  3. Maine Swim Run – 6 miles of swimming and 11 miles of running… Umm… 0 biking…

So I’m hoping to get some biking skill for the Patriot 1/2, but other then that my hard fought biking skills (At least that’s what I plan for) will go unused.  At least until the fall, when I can hopefully get a post Otillo block of hard bike training, so I can at least not be terrible at  Cyclocross, and maybe, juuuust maybe, not get lapped.

And with any luck that late season biking, even though it is the exact opposite of Ironman racing will give me some descent fitness on the bike to build off of for Lake Placid. But as usual, I’m really good at planning, but the execution of the plan is slightly suspect…

You may have noticed that there is almost no talk of running in this master plan.  Well that is because running is stupid and I do as little as possible. I’m betting that my bike endurance and fitness will help out my run, a lot. Also I’m trying to be less fat…  Which should also help out. But recently I’ve been looking at some early season 1/2 marathons as I managed not to get into the Mid winter Classic 10 miler, which is my usual off season test of how terrible I have let myself get. But at the rate I have been running recently 10 miles would be a stretch, and would not even be in driving distance of a PR. So a couple months later would give me a little time to get up to speed so to speak and also let me relive some awesome races that I haven’t done in a while such at the Great Bay 1/2 Marathon where  few of my internet friends became real…

So this will be an interesting season with lots of biking but not that many bike races until the fall…  So maybe it may not be the best planned season, but with any luck I won’t be dropped by the B group of my local Thursday night group ride…  Which really… Is my main goal…


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2 Responses to Upcoming Season – An Interlude

  1. Sara says:

    Eric is running the half at the Eastern States 20 (late march) which is a REALLY amazing course. Much better than Great Bay. Come with us, it will be so fun!! But sign up right now because it will sell out http://www.easternstates20mile.com/

    • Andy says:

      You guys met at Great Bay, how come you don’t do it every year!?!? Are you running the dumb 20? ‘Cause I have the kids… Though they are teenagers now and could probably survive for 2 hours alone in a strange town by themselves…

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