Ironman Mont Tremblant – Part 1

[ed note: Yes, I know this is slightly overdue…  You can’t rush perfection… Also, apparently you can’t rush total crap either, who knew?]

It’s actually a miracle I even managed to start the race.  Everything conceivable went wrong before the event even started.  And by “went wrong”, I mostly mean, I fucked it up.

Calm Before the Storm – Thursday, 3 days until Race Day

I had packed everything I would need earlier in the week. And when I say, “everything”, I mean it. I don’t fuck around when packing. I probably had enough stuff to do two or three races with me all ready to go. So it was quick work on Thursday, after work, to toss all my stuff in the car before heading from Gardiner down to Erica’s in Portland, so we could leave for Mont Tremblant early the next morning.

All we had to do was wake up not too late, get the dog off to the people that were watching him, and head out. I had it all under control.

Harbinger – Friday, 2 days until Race Day

I was relaxed, my usual pre-race checklist had all it’s boxes checked, so it was no concern that we woke up a little late and had to take care of some last minute pet related logistics.  Erica was on the phone and mentioned that she needed to get her passport…

“Shiiiiiit.” – Dumbass me

“Under control”, riiiight.  And it was in the car, headed back to Gardiner at illicit speeds, to get my passport from its /safe location/ where I, /wouldn’t forget it/. An hour and a half later, I was back in town, and we were finally ready to leave for the Great White North of Canada. A relatively short 6 hours and 40 minutes away…

Well, unless you hit traffic in NH…

And at the border…

And all through Montreal…  

So more like a not so short 9 hours.

We rolled into town tired and grumpy at around 9 PM, checked into our hotel room, and fell into bed for some much needed sleep.

More to come.


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