Better Then Expected

Well apparently all has not been lost to beer and Doritos the last couple months.  After meeting up with Danielle, a quick DD run, and a courtesy course driving to get familiar with what we faced, we arrived at the Turkey Trot 5K.  Being slackers, we arrived with just enough time to for a short 1 mile warm up before lining up at the starting line.  I had skillfully forgot my gloves and GPS at home, so I was running blind and had some wonderful borrowed black and pink gloves.  Fortunately it wasn’t as cold as I was expecting so I left the gloves in the car.

The plan was simple, go out slow and slowly ratchet up the speed as the miles ticked by.  that plan lasted right until the starting cannon scared the shit out of me, and I took off like a shot, leaving Danielle far far behind.

The first mile is downhill and I managed to control myself enough to relax and hit the miles at a to fast but not suicidal 6:57.  From there the second mile was mostly flat with a bit of up hill thrown in to soften you up, trying to stay relaxed but on the edge of exploding brought me through 2 miles in 14:12, which seemed about right.  Then the uphill began. I was expecting this from our short preview, but it started sooner then expected.  Turns out hills look a lot smaller when you can just put your foot down to get up them.  Things really started to hurt up the biggest hill just before the 3 mile mark. I missed the time as I went by the 3 mile mark, but managed to pick up the pace for the all important .1 and finished with a respectable 22:49.

This was WAY better then I was expecting.  It gives me actual hope of breaking the 20 min mark sometime in the foreseeable future.  Now just comes the hard work.


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2 Responses to Better Then Expected

  1. A very respectable 22:49 indeed. I’d really like to go sub 22. My PR is 22:10, like a yr and a half ago. Maybe we can do some speed work together?

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