In Which I Prepare to Go Slow

So this weekend I’ll be running the Turkey Trot 5K, it will be my second 5K of the year.  The other one was in the midst of an epic 4 event weekend at the Black Fly Tri (1 Bike TT, 2 Triathlons, and a 5K), so I don’t really count it.  Considering all my races besides that 5K and the bike TT have been well over an hour long, and the amount of training I have been doing recently, I’m preparing myself for a not so fast 5K.


And by “not so fast”, I mean slow…  There is a better then even chance a pregnant woman will beat me.  (Granted this pregnant woman runs sub 4 hour marathons while pregnant, it would still be quite humiliating. )  I haven’t seen the course, but I’m looking at the high 24 to low 26 range as my current guestimate.  If I surprise myself and break into the 23’s it’ll still be one of the slowest 5Ks I’ve done since I got back into this whole endurance crazyness…

Think positive!

Thinking positively, this will be a baseline to see where I am, and how much work I need to do, to break the dreaded 20 min mark (Hint: a lot).  The last three weeks have been great training wise , getting in the runs and the miles, now it’s time to keep rolling and start with the speed work.

Yea, we’ll see how well that goes…


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