I Told Her to Write it For Me (And She Did)

[ed. note: I was trying to write a post and was stuck, I asked my friend Danielle to write it for me.  And much to my surprise, she did!  So I figured I might as well post it…  The is her writing as me, in case that wasn’t clear…  🙂 Also of note, she is allergic to the shift key.  But she doesn’t like to talk about it, so it’s better if we don’t mention it to her.]


so i’ve been slacking on my training. well, unless you believe my training is drinking good beer (ie- bud light. yum![ed. note: not so much]) and riding my bike slowly in the rain cheering on all my friends while they run crazy fast (and slow) long distances. i’ve been really good at that training… but since my life for the past year has been all ironman all the time, you could say i’ve been slacking off since crossing the finish line late night on august 11th.
but alas, i am still an ironman, and not too many people can say that. so im going to keep wearing my finishers jacket around, remind people of my accomplishment[ed. note: yea I will!], and soon ill get back to doing some physical activity that doesn’t involve 12 oz curls and video games. [ed. note: I can still do those too, right?]
i want to get fast. and although i like spending countless hours on two wheels, living in maine doesn’t allow for such activity during the cold, snowy winter months. but there are plenty of warm clothing items i can spend money on to keep me warm and i can get fast on my two feet. and that is just what i plan to do over the next few months. with the help of my super cool sidekick[ed. note: super cool? Well, she did write this for me, so I’ll let it slide] (who isnt quite as fast as me yet, but shes trying), we have come up with a tentative race plan which will allow me to show off my hard work (that will happen, please trust me here… remember, goal is to get fast!) [ed. note: I’m not sure I like this, it sounds like a lot of work.]
race schedule:
– sunday november 18th: turkey trot 5k
– saturday december 29th: operation jack satellite 10k
– instead of running the mid winter classic 10 miler in february like all my other running friends will probably do (stupid…), ill be partaking in the 1st annual pub run a few cool chicks i know came up with that will be much more fun (and beer… who doesn’t like beer?!)
– sunday march 3: irish road rover 5k
– and sunday april 7th ill be in prime shape to crush the great bay half marathon course again (last year: 1:48:35… and i could have pushed harder. i will this year)
so that’s my plan thus far, obviously things can change (more than likely add to that schedule since i love to register for ALL THE RACES)… and i know ill need to add in some track work, hill work (get my legs strong!), and core strengthening [ed. note: fact, ugh] … perhaps less beer[ed. note: #false], but is that really all that fun? i can use that as a reward for all the training, right? [ed. note: #true]
[ed. note: So there you have it.  It looks like I have a plan, and someone to write my blog posts…  🙂 ]

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2 Responses to I Told Her to Write it For Me (And She Did)

  1. what a fabulous post! those are some great races. mmmm bud light…

  2. HAH!!!!! I think that between all of “us” (who actually blog) we can pose as you (who is crap at blogging) and maybe then you can develop a fan base…? 😉

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