Hello This Thing On?

Hi, it’s been a little while since we talked.  Looks like I was planning last year when I left…  Oops…  A couple things happened since then.  Last year was meh…  Fun, but training wasn’t particularly consistent or anything, but I think I PRed Lobsterman with a sub 3 hour time.

This year was a different story, got a coach and consistent training, PRed just about everything I got my hands on.  Crushed the Great Bay Half Marathon, with a 12+ min PR.  Killed Mooseman 70.3 with a sub 6 hour time.  And I think I PRed Polar bear and all the events at the Black Fly Tri…  Then to top it off I finished IMNYC in under 14:30…  Not my goal but I’ll take it for my first Ironman…

Anyway, now that we are reacquainted, I’ll be (trying) to post here more often, but we know how that goes.

Talk later.


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One Response to Hello This Thing On?

  1. sarah says:

    you forgot the part where you met some wicked cool friends! 🙂

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