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In Which Trash Talk Backfires

[ed. note: In my continuing effort to make blogging more efficient, here is another entry that I tricked someone else into writing for me. This time I answered the riddle of a small trollish woman, and in return she had … Continue reading

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I Told Her to Write it For Me (And She Did)

[ed. note: I was trying to write a post and was stuck, I asked my friend Danielle to write it for me.  And much to my surprise, she did!  So I figured I might as well post it…  The is her writing … Continue reading

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Long Overdue – IMNYC

The short version: Eric and I finished The IronMan US Championships in a touch under 14-and-a-half hours. We were exhausted, emotional and surrounded by friends and family. There is more to the story than that. This event was four years in … Continue reading

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MDI, A True Story

“Once upon a time, there were three craaazy girls… (technically 6 and a few guys)” It all started Friday afternoon when I headed down to Danielle’s for some pre-race eating and fun.  I spent the afternoon working on the couch while … Continue reading

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Hello This Thing On?

Hi, it’s been a little while since we talked.  Looks like I was planning last year when I left…  Oops…  A couple things happened since then.  Last year was meh…  Fun, but training wasn’t particularly consistent or anything, but I think I PRed … Continue reading

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