The Checklist

Well, tomorrow is the big day, and as usual I’m fully prepared.  All I need to do is, pretty much everything.

  • Get my riding clothes together
  • Put on the tires I plan to race with
  • Get extra tubes that will actually work in these wheels
  • Get all my gels and cliff bars together that I’m going to need for 12 hours
  • Figure out where I need to be and when

By fully prepared I really meant totally unprepared.  Usually I’m ultra prepared for new events and know ahead of time exactally what I’m going to do when and how.  So this is a bit new for me, but it is an long enough event that my plan of figuring out what I’m doing as I go along, may have a chance of working.

It also my blow up in my face.  Which technically is fine, as this is just a fun learning race  I’m sure my nerves will kick in and I’ll be tweaking out this afternoon trying to get everything together and get somewhat prepared but for now I’m just going to relax and see what happens…


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