Night Rider

Less then a week away from my big 12 hour MTB race, so it’s probably time to get on track.  My head light arived last week so I figured I should try out this riding at night thing I have heard so much about, but, Bradbury closes at sunset.  It was a dark overcast day so I figured I’d head down anyway to see if it would be dark enough to use my light and to just get some miles in.

I got there late and had to scramble just to get in 40 min of riding, no light needed.  When I was getting back in my car the ranger came around and I was talking to her about the race, she graciously let me  stay until 8 to get some dark riding in…  🙂

I re- unpacked all my stuff put the light on my helmet and took off for another abbreviated race lap.
My light worked great!  Not a problem even as it got on to full dark.  And riding with it is only slightly slower then usual, once you get used to the shadows jumping around, probably because I’m pretty slow in general.
Overall a successful night of riding.  Probably 1 more ride on Tuesday then prepping for the race…  12 hours is going to be a looong time…


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