After completing Timberman 70.3 (6:13:19 worse then I had hoped, but better then I expected), I needed a new goal. Short term that was The Bradbury 12 hour mountain bike race, solo. Yes, apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.

This is really just a fun goal though, to get me back on my mountain bike and off the road for a while, while still utilizing my summers worth of endurance gain for something useful (?).

My plans called for a Full IM late next year, but I’m not sure I can/want to put the effort in to do that amount of training. As it stands the Half training really burned me out during the latter part of the summer.  That and wanting to spend more time with my kids and just generally have a bit more fun less regimented training program has led me to try and become fast.  Up until now, everything has been more distance, more time, go longer…  That has gotten a bit old after two years.  I think now it’s time to work on some speed.

19:59 – There it is, in writing.  My new goal.  To be the fastest I have ever been.  My all time 5K PR is 20:01, set when I was 17/18 years old.  Now I’m 35, and I’m going to be that fast again, faster if I have any say in it.  I have a solid endurance base under me now I just need speed.  Lots of it.  This is not going to be an easy goal, my current, post college PR is 23:23 from last year and my fastest time this year so far is a 25:02, but I have not run a 5K with purpose yet, just fun races.

The first attempt is going to be the weekend of Nov 13th/14th, 8 solid weeks after the 12 hour race so I should have plenty of time to put in some speed work.  If that fails, more base and endurance work throughout the winter with another attempt in Feb but that is going to be a dicey race because of the conditions, snow and ice don’t make for blazing fast times.

I’m still going to do some Triathlons, sprints mostly, maybe a Oly or even Timberman again if I can manage to keep my endurance base up.  I’m hoping to work on my bike speed as well this winter, starting in the later part of November so with any luck I’ll be knocking on 1 hr in a few of these sprints when I run them with a purpose.

This should be fun…


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