Operation GittBSoML is a Go…

The newly created Operation Get into the Best Shape of My Life starts this week.  My exercise habits and training have been good for the past couple years for the most part.  But my eating has always been crappy, fried food, to much beer, chips and Taco Bell… The usual fair.  Well with my ramping up of training for my first Half Iron Man, my sister found me a book that is a Vegan Diet for athletes!  the Thrive diet…  It seems to make sense, but it is more or less perfect for me.  I’m a vegetarian anyway so it doesn’t really cut anything out of my diet that I’m to attached to, and it has a 12 week eating plan and recipes for everything.  Plus it is mostly a raw food diet so not a lot of cooking, which I suck at anyway…  Mostly food processing and blending and such…  So those last 10-15 lbs should come off and in theory I’ll have  a lot more energy for my ramped up training…  We’ll see how it goes…


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